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Friday, July 20, 2012

THe Moon Dwellers Review

The Moon Dwellers Book 1
David Estes
3 stars
 Available on Amazon

This is an interesting story set in a future world where human beings no longer live on the surface of the planet.  Centuries from now a cataclysmic event destroys the surface of the planet forcing people to go underground. There are three realms: the sun realm, the richest and more privileged realm; the moon realm, miners and more poverty ridden; and the Star Realm, the poorest of all the realms.

The story focuses on Adele, a prisoner in the Moon Realm, and Tristan, the son of the president of the realms.  Tristan runs away from home to find Adele, a girl he noticed while negotiating a treaty with the Moon Realm.  Adele breaks out from prison and embarks on a quest to find her family. With the the help of friends they just mind find each other and change their world forever. 

This is an easy read and enjoyable.  I liked the book and would recommend to others.  Being the first in a series, it does leave you hanging at the end; the only thing I hate about series. The concept is an intriguing one as people now live underground, but are worse off than they were before the catastrophe hit. If you want something different, give this one a try.

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