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Friday, September 28, 2012

Awfully Familar Review

Awfully Familiar is a new take on the story of the Pied Piper.  When I finally sat down to read the book I found it very difficult to put down.

The story focuses on a rat named Scrap; who it turns out was really a boy turned into a rat by an evil wizard.  It begins with scrap being forced to fight against dogs for the entertainment of some kids.  Afterward, he is thrown into a maze where he meets two goblins and another rat named Switch.  After escaping being eaten by the goblins, Scrap and Switch escape and make it to the wilderness where the rat kingdom is.  There Scrap is half-welcomed since he is not a real rat, but an enchanted one.  As the story progresses Scrap finds himself the prisoner of an ogre, whom he later escapes and then becomes trapped in a witch’s house.  In his pursuit of learning what happened to him and how he got turned into a rat, Scrap eventually makes it back to the city where it all began.  There he tries to stop a war between the Piper and another man named Black, but of course the wizard shows up.  At that point, Scrap has to figure out how to stop a war, stops a power mad wizard, and get changed back into human form.

I found the story to be engaging.  Even though it is based on an age old tale of the Pied Piper, it has enough twists in there to make it wholly different and new.  The writing style is easy to follow and with all the twists in the story the reader stays engaged.

I actually liked the book and would recommend it to others.

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