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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Powerful Pinterest

Powerful Pinterest
Available on Amazon

3 stars.

Powerful Pinterest is a basic guide to getting started on Pinterest.  For those of you who don't know: Pinterest is a social networking site where you post nothing but photos; unlike Facebook and Twitter where you write posts. The author does demonstrate how to get started on Pinterest and the photos do help. He even gives a few tips and tricks and things to avoid.

The book tells you how to open a Pinterest account and upload pictures, or even pin pictures from your blog or website. With the tutorial he gives you some tips such as, naming each picture and putting a caption on them. You can post videos and use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. The tips of joing boards and groups to make connections are good.

That being said, this book is not very detailed so if you are looking to really market your product on Pinterest you will want to look up other resources.  It is more of a basic getting started guide with tips for beginners. If you are new to Pinterest then this book can be useful, but if you are looking for more intermediate stuff, might have to try elsewhere. Also there are links included at the end which could prove useful.

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