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Monday, May 27, 2013

Stevia Cookbook review

I don’t normally review cookbooks, but like most people I do like to have a few around.  I found this book while just searching for ways to cook with stevia.  A friend had informed me that stevia is a healthier alternative to sugar.  It comes from a plant and is full of fiber.  It is just as sweet, though has a bit of an after taste for those not used to it.  Unlike Equal or Sweet and Low, stevia is completely natural and is calorie free.
My interest in stevia rose from the fact that so many people around me are developing health problems all of it due to sugar and refined foods.  Anyway, this recipe book is short and provides simple, basic recipes using stevia instead of sugar.  It has the good ones: muffins, brownies, even one for hot chocolate.
Stevia: 55 Naturally Sweetened Recipes isn’t a bad book and the price is reasonable.  It’s only 55 recipes, but it does provide a good place to start if you wish to cook with stevia and eliminate sugar from your diet.  I recommend this book for anyone interested in making this change.

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