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Monday, May 20, 2013

What is your favorite genre? Part 3

In this final section of my your favorite genre, I want to talk about Mystery or humor.  I love mystery books, but I tend to prefer the more light hearted ones.  Don’t get me wrong.  James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels are pretty good, but sometimes his books are too heavy for me.
I like the Nancy Drew series, the original that came out in the 1930s not some of the more modern ones.  They always had intriguing cases that Nancy had to solve, but were also light.  There’s now sex or drugs in them which make them perfect for children.  The Nancy Drew books are also very quick reads.  They get ou involved in some mystery that can be resolved in a few hours.

I have recently discovered  the Black Sheep Knitting series by Ann Canadeo.  I find it a nice entertaining set of mysteries that don’t dwell on the dark stuff.  I like the idea of a bunch of knitters who somehow manage to get involved in murder and solve it.  They are also humorous as well.  I like books with a good amount of humor in them.  Life is serious enough as it is.  

What sort of mysteries do you go for?  Do you like the John Grisham kind, or the more light-hearted ones?  Let us know.  You may have discovered a set of books that no one else has.

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