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Thursday, June 14, 2012

On July 15, 2012 my latest book, Legends Lost Tesnayr, will be released. It is the second book in the Legends Lost trilogy, published under the pen name of Nova Rose. 

This is a prequel to the first book: Legends Lost Amborese, which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A giveaway for a first release, signed copy is posted on Goodreads. Go here to enter:

Book Description:

1,000 years before the birth of Amborese is a far greater story. The legend of Tesnayr.

Before the lands of Tesnayr existed, there were five distinct kingdoms. Each proud and constantly at war with one another. But all that changed...

A stranger washes upon the shores of Sym'Dul, beaten and barely alive; the only survivor of a devastating war in a land far across the sea. Nursed back to health, Tesnayr makes a new life for himself and begins to think that his past is behind him.

Then the orcs arrive led by Galbrok. They quickly ravage the land. Faced with a terrible choice, Tesnayr forms his own army to stop them and quickly draws the attention of each of the five kings.

Yet, Tesnayr's past refuses to release him. Can he unite the five kingdoms before Galbrok annihilates them? Can a lone man from across the sea achieve what all believe to be impossible?

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