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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Over the Curb

Over the Curb by Bo Barber
3 stars 

This book is an interesting read and the author's writing style makes it easy to get through. This story focuses on a car dealership, that sells cars that are worth less than junk. On top of that, a dead body that is found in the trunk of one of their cars. I loved the fact that it is politically incorrect. The author uses a fair amount of racial slurs and cussing, but not in a negative way. However, if you are sensitive to such things, then this book is not for you. Many of the characters are flat out crazy and weird. All of which adds to their uniqueness.

Overall, I liked the book, but there were a couple things that disappointed me: 1. There is no main character. This book is a montage of different characters who are all given equal treatment. Though it's nice to have a bunch of characters, I had no idea who the hero/protagonist of the story was. 2. The synopsis made it sound like a mystery/thriller, but it isn't that. In short, this seemed more like a day in the life of car salesmen.

I did however, like some of the tangents the author posed. For instance, there is one part where he discusses a woman who tried to BBQ a pig in her kitchen sink and burned down the building. Then there was the bit about a guy who tried to make tuna salad for his wife, but instead of grabbing the pouch of tuna, he ended up with a pouch of cat food. Those bits added some good humor. I also liked the bit at the end that sums up where each person ended up after the murder was solved.

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